Seafood Restaurant Venice

The Restaurant Poste Vecie dates back to 1500 and is the oldest restaurant in Venice . Inside a time there was a post office and still today in the halls you can see letters , bubbles and coins of the period.
Our Restaurant in Venice is typical and exclusive , inside our rooms every customer can be captured and kidnapped by an atmosphere full of sensations and references to Ancient Serenissima .

Where we are

All ' inside the fish market of Rialto , where the chefs are inspired to prepare dishes that are offered to the customer always pay attention to the seasonal nature of the product.

Poste Vecie is l ' only restaurant in Venice to be inside the fish market , if you are looking for the highest quality this place is for you.

“ If  "old chicken makes good soup", "old items make good fish."  If this sentence does not make sense, come in Venice to find out what they can do with an old post office and a fish market: is it true that in union there is strength.”- Restaurant Poste Vecie     
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