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8 MARZO Festa della Donna alle Poste Vecie

8 MARZO FESTA DELLA DONNA ALLE POSTE VECIE   Per la serata speciale del 8 Marzo il Ristorante Villa Fini propone un piatto dedicato alla donna,in questa splendida serata tutte le nostre clienti saranno omaggiate con un pensiero.

Our menù

Menù Our menus are available online, depending on the seasonality of the product they will change giving you the opportunity to taste dishes created by our chef always in line with the first fruits and the tradition of the territory. LOOK AT TRADITIONAL DISHES LOOK AT SEASONAL DISHES LOOK AT THE FISH OF THE DAY LOOK AT TASTING MENU    

21 April 2019 Easter at Poste Vecie

Sunday 21 April 2019 in addition to our classic daily proposals, for the day of Easter, the Poste Vecie restaurant in Venice will propose a traditional Easter menu, always following the seasonality of the products of our very close fish and vegetable market.Poste Vecie in the heart of the fish market Easter menu 2019 Welcome entree with marinated salmon and soft cheese accompanied by a flute of prosecco * Granceola with raw botoi and radishes * Asparagus mimosa with steamed prawns * Risotto with cod and bruscandoli * Sea bass steak, white asparagus and crushed potatoes * Dessert White eating strawberries, coconut cream * ...

Wine list

The wine list is in fact the result of a careful analysis. it 'was created highlighting the wines of our region and our region. Starting from the very particular Orto di Venezia, a wine that comes from the only vineyard present in our Laguna on the scenic island of St. Erasmus and continuing into the hinterland Trevigiano arrive in the area of ​​Valdobbiadene and covering the whole of the Veronese with the famous Amarone Bertani and Allegrini that have made this fine red all over the world. Scrolling through our list and out of our area we arrive in neighboring Friuli Venezia Giulia with the historic house Puiatti, continuing with the ...

Poste Vecie per Casanova

  CASANOVA: "I LOVE POSTE VECIE" Love Love Love … these were the words that went out of fashion in 700 ‘when the famous Casanova met many of his favorite women in the ancient restaurant Poste Vecie. Hidden inside the fish market of Rialto, during the day was animated by the frenetic activity of the fishermen at night instead turned into the room and it was the most romantic city with its fireplaces perfect setting for his encounters with countless lovers .