Venetian Recipes

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Sardines in sauce

Sarde in Saor
The sardines in sauce are a really tasty appetizer of Venetian cuisine, this is a bowl of fried sardines that are served with caramelized onions and cooked with vinegar , pine nuts and raisins.   The saor is a method of preservation of sailors in ancient times in fact , when it was Necessary to keep the fish on the ships for a long time , this preparation was used in Particular Which allowed to keep the fried fish good for several days . The sardines in sauce will have in fact a taste good if we'll have at least 24 hours of rest

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Liver Venetian

The liver is one of the many Venetian traditional recipes of Venetian cuisine. Among the dishes, this is definitely one of the best known worldwide for its unique flavor and special that combines the flavor of the liver aroma of onion. The origins of this dish , called Venetian figà AEA venessiana , date back to Roman times they used to cook the liver with figs to cover up the smell a bit strong . The Venetians over time replaced the figs with onions and made this recipe become one of the most popular cuisine of Venice.     

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Blacks noodles with crab meat

Definitely a dish reserved for special occasions the blacks noodles with crab meat. I usually make up one of the classic course to be served at the dinner table on Christmas Eve or New Year 's dinner. Very tasty indeed the crab is characterized by its pleasant taste that alone would be enough to make them unique , are made by the addition of cream rather creamy and very tasty because of the white wine used to flavor the fish. The first that comes is characterized by the delicate appearance and smell irresistible, which is why the taliolini with crab meat are ideal ...

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Cuttlefish Venetian

Cuttlefish Venetian Style Cuttlefish Venetian are a tasty recipe Venetian YES prepare by cleaning the squid , cut them into strips and rosolandole in the pan with parsley and olive oil, then add SI bags black and wine and tomatoes, and the End of cooking YES will adjust sales and SI will serve at the table accompanying the cuttlefish with polenta .

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