• Tasting menù


    This menu for its complexity is served for a minimum of two people and only for all table guests)



    House aperitif

    ( flute di prosecco )



    Tuna tartare with small sour vegetables, lime and turmeric mayonnaise


    Steamed shrimps’ tails, Catalan peaches and raspberry vinaigrette


    Codfish with potatoes mousse



    Ravioli stuffed with sea bass, shellfish and basil


    Slice of amberjack, spinach and sweet and sour endive salad


    Almond white whipped cream with salted caramel


    ( coffee and water)



    Euro 75,00 per person

    vino escluso – wine excluded


    with combination of four selected glasses from our cellar


    Euro 20,00 per person

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