Sardines in sauce

The sardines in sauce are a really tasty appetizer of Venetian cuisine, this is a bowl of fried sardines that are served with caramelized onions and cooked with vinegar ,…

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Liver Venetian

The liver is one of the many Venetian traditional recipes of Venetian cuisine. Among the dishes, this is definitely one of the best known worldwide for its unique flavor and…

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Blacks noodles with crab meat

Definitely a dish reserved for special occasions the blacks noodles with crab meat. I usually make up one of the classic course to be served at the dinner table on…

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Cuttlefish Venetian

Cuttlefish Venetian Style Cuttlefish Venetian are a tasty recipe Venetian YES prepare by cleaning the squid , cut them into strips and rosolandole in the pan with parsley and olive…

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