Antica Trattoria Poste Vecie 1500 : restaurant in Venice

The Restaurant Poste Vecie dates back to 1500 and is the oldest restaurant in Venice where he originally took

place frenetic activities of postal sorting ancient Serenissima .

Typical and exclusive restaurant , inside our rooms every customer can be captured and kidnapped by an atmosphere

full of sensations and references to Ancient Serenissima .

The restaurant is located inside the famous fish market of Rialto , where every day our chefs draw their inspiration

for their dishes , offered to the customer always with an eye to the seasonality of the product.


In 1500 the first post office in Venice

Still inside the halls , fortunately you can admire letters , bubbles and coins of the perfectly preserved.

Venice Restaurant : Food and Art

Not only good food but also to Poste Vecie art with the frescoes of the 7 deadly sins donated by Cherubini old Post Office Vecie

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