Best Restaurant in Venice

The restaurant Poste Vecie welcomes its customers within the two historic rooms where you can still breathe the atmosphere of the ancient Serenissima , thanks to the 500 still working fireplaces and beautiful frescoes depicting the seven deadly sins.

ROOM of the 7 deadly

The first room that we find upon entering the restaurant is ” The Hall of vices ” , so named for its frescos that represent the seven deadly sins , gift of artists of the period who also wanted to be in a very impressive fresco , all the most important components Club of the Post Office that between the late 1800’s and early 1900 over a good glass of wine and Venetian cicchetti was discussing art and politics.

Across The Hall of Vices you get to the “Hall of Missive ” , it was here that in 1500 the couriers ancient Serenissima sorted them Posta.Alle the walls are still exposed ancient coins and letters of 1500.
The restaurant in addition to two dining rooms , can accommodate its guests in a cozy garden made ​​from a typical Venetian courtyard under the shade of a wild vine .

It is from here that Our guests enjoying excellent dishes, can be pampered by a typical Venetian atmosphere to observe the frenetic activity of the fish market . The winter garden is transformed into a perfectly warmed room , without losing contact with the fish through a window that offers a view of the picturesque .

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