Romantic Venice Restaurant Poste Vecie

Welcome to the oldest and most romantic restaurant in Venice.

The restaurant Poste Vecie has the good fortune to rise in the heart of the fish market and fruit and vegetables , thus giving us the opportunity to always have a fresh product always in step with the seasons.

This Romantic restaurant in Venice dates back to 1500 and is the oldest restaurant in Venice where he originally took place frenetic activities of postal sorting ancient serenissima.Il restaurant is located inside the famous Rialto fish market where every day the chef draw inspiration for their dishes , offered to the customer always with an eye to the seasonality of the product.

The restaurant Poste Vecie will keep you updated on all the events scheduled at our restaurant .

Still inside the halls , fortunately you can admire letters , bubbles and coins of the perfectly preserved.

Typical Venetian Cuisine

Our cuisine offers mainly all the dishes of the Venetian tradition , the famous cod fish , the spider crab , cuttlefish Venetian and other delicacies made mostly fish .

Not only good food but also to Poste Vecie art with the frescoes of the 7 deadly sins donated by Cherubbini old Post Office Vecie

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